Key Features of Acti-Lance® Safety Lancet:

  • Intuitive top push button activation, concaved design to fit thumb shape, button permanently depresses after use (activation indicator to distinct between used and non-used device).
  • Easy to handle: intuitive activation, low firing force, No lancet loading required, 2 step operation only.
  • V-shape body for convenient finger recess and stable grip within user’s hand.
  • Closed body assures that the needle stays safely inside the device before and after the puncture which fully protects both patient and user.
  • Reliable sterility protector completely covers the needle until just few seconds before test. Ergonomic shape guarantees easy twist & pull while preparing for the test.
  • Safe: no possibility to reuse.
  • Minimized pain: ultra sharp and silicone-coated needle, double spring mechanism to ensure high puncture speed and eliminate needle vibrations.
  • Gentle: Electro-polished and silicone-coated needle is linearly driven to assure lower pain and quick healing.
  • Sufficient to lance once: different color-coded versions, right needle exposure length, adequate blood flow.
  • Self-destructive mechanism: excluding possibility of reuse, sterilized reliable sterility protector.
  • Sterile: Needles are gamma-sterilized, fully covered and protected with a sterility tab.
  • Efficient: adequate blood sample with just single push of the button.
  • Reliable: Risk of misuse or receiving an incorrect blood sample is eliminated through a unique, patented, self-destructive activation mechanism.

Acti-Lance® Lite

Acti-Lance® Lite assures small sample of blood mainly for the purpose of blood glucose monitoring. 28G needle (only 0,36 mm diameter) guarantees incision with minimum or no pain as well as very quick heeling. Acti-Lance® Lite helps to eliminate side effects if capillary blood sampling like callus build –up, bruising or pain after test. Acti-Lance® Lite is ideal for blood glucose monitoring purposes and is especially recommended for all patients with delicate skin including children. Acti-Lance® Lite is also recommended for the use with modern glucometers where the required blood sample is smaller.

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Acti-Lance® Universal

Acti-Lance® Universal is perfect for most of the common tests done with capillary blood including blood glucose, cholesterol, hemoglobin, blood group classification, coagulation tests, virology tests and many others. Acti-Lance® Universal can be use with all patients with normal skin. Thanks to very quick incision (only 0,002 seconds), linear needle guiding and perfectly precise needle geometry, Acti-Lance® Universal minimizes pain, bruising and callus build-up to the patient and at the same time assures that blood sample is always right after just one single lance.

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Acti-Lance® Special

Acti-Lance® Special assures larger blood samples for the widest variety of clinical purposes. The 1,5 mm blade of Acti-Lance® Special is also perfect for heel sticks on neonates as well as finger sticks on adults in cases where the test requires more blood.

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Product Instruction of Use

ActiLance® Safety Lancet is very easy to handle and its intuitive top button activation minimizes training required for new users.

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Recommendations for blood collection test:

  • Patients should wash their hands with warm water and soap before the test.
  • Remember that warm fingers increase the blood flow.
  • Fingertip test site should be selected slightly off-center to minimize any pain and maximize blood flow.
  • The patient’s arm should hang down below the elbow to allow blood flow to fingertips.
  • After the blood collection, use a tissue and apply firm pressure directly over the finger-stick site.

Sharp Injury Prevention

Acti-Lance® Safety Lancet fully eliminates the danger of accidental injury with potentially infected needle and protects healthcare personnel from contamination with severe blood borne pathogens. Use of conventional non-safety lancets can be deadly. Do not risk!

Sharp injury definition: an incident, which causes a needle, blade (such as scalpel) or other medical instruments to penetrate the skin. This is sometimes called a percutaneous injury. OSHA reports that nearly 55% of all percutaneous injuries are caused by hollow bore needles including phlebotomy needles.


Global Annual Impact and Risk: The World Health Organization estimates that there are over 35 million health care workers globally. These workers face an increased risk of infection from blood-borne pathogens simply because of their exposure to blood and other body fluids. This risk increases substantially for the tens of thousands of health care workers who experience a sharps-related injury. These injuries are associated with the highest risk of disease transmission. Globally, the sharps injury rates vary dramatically-between 0.2 and 4.7 sharps injuries per year. At the same time, there is a stark difference in infections rates attributable to sharps injuries based on location in a developed or undeveloped country.

Regions where programs have been put in place to reduce and treat sharps injuries have successfully reduced both exposure rates and infections rates, protecting their health care workers.

Prevention: Successful reduction in number of sharps injuries and infection prevention have been successfully achieved in regions that implement:

  • Safe sharps handling and disposal programs
  • Immunization of health care workers
  • Use of safety products like safety lancets
  • Post exposure prophylaxis (PEP)

HTL-STREFA is committed to manufacturing safety products designed to reduce or eliminate the risk of exposure to blood borne pathogens. We are the leading manufacturer of single-use, safety lancets. Our unique designs features are:

  • Dual-spring design to ensure complete needle retraction
  • Full housing to prevent needle exposure before and after activation
  • Self-destruct mechanisms to prevent lancet reuse

Ordering Info

Acti-Lance® Safety Lancets are available in three different color-coded versions to meet specific blood sample size applications and address most of skin types.